Since 2016 our railing systems have been installed in more than 500 wind turbine platforms in some of the world’s largest offshore wind farms, and we are currently positioned in tenders for close to 1000 additional installations scheduled over the next few years. Europe and the USA are the key markets among others.

Weissenborn’s latest patented EverSafe System®, is a unique railing system, based on modular design, and offers distinctive advantages – from transportation to assembly. The new railing system is entirely aluminium-made, and ensures delivery on quality – from high strength in assembly and corrosion-free to resistance to vibration and reduced fabrication risk.

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Safeguarding the internal electrical and cable components of turbines is critical. Weissenborn offers hard TP covers that are designed for high functionality and protects against external elements such as rain, snow and dirt. Our hard covers also prevent accidents among construction workers that might be caused otherwise by wet and slippery floors. 

Our custom-made hard covers are made from light-weight aluminium, meaning that they can be lifted without the need of an extra lifting frame, and are stackable – consequently, the covers are easy to handle, store and transport.



Weissenborn is the authorized dealer of AmpliForm® products manufactured by Normeka. The product range includes AmpliRist®, AmpliNett® and AmpliSafe®, and thus covers our customers’ total requirement for walkway systems – floors and gangways.

The entire product line is made from sea water resistant aluminium and is highly durable.

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