Transition Piece (TP) & Substation

We prioritize creating value for safety solutions in offshore wind.  From railings and covers to floors and gangways, we have got our customers covered to provide the safe and effective working environment which is critical to wind energy projects.

While our products are best-suited for installation in TP platform, the scope of application is beyond. The railings, EverSafe System®, and the walkway systems are designed to be flexible, and can be extended to other applications like Substations.

Suspended Internal Structure (SIP) and beyond

We have partnered with Hyndla to provide Interface Management System that helps our customers avail one-stop packaged solution - Total System Solution for installation of TP , SIP and foundation in offshore wind .

Hyndla has the expertise in engineered cable management solutions, illumination studies, earthing, EMC & lightening protection concepts for the wind industry. Together, we both handle design and drawings, and documentation to make business transactions easy for our customers.

With Interface Management System, we take end-to-end responsibility from designing to post-delivery support, thus saving our customers time and money.

Floating Wind Foundation

When innovations like Floating Foundations are pegged as the future in offshore wind, we see ourselves evolving and competent to rise through the challenges in the next generation of offshore wind technology.

Marine Evacuation System

Weissenborn manufactures frames that act as the base support for chute systems used in Marine Evacuation System. Our key customer is Viking Life Saving Equipment A/S and two of their key products, namely VEC Plus Chute and VEDC Dual Chute, rely on our solid frames. The frames are made of highly durable aluminium, and the end- products are extremely stable and work in extreme conditions, which makes us proud as a supplier partner. Our continuous endeavor is to gain trust of customers through commitment to quality work.  


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