Weissenborn A/S has fully CE-certified its entire production setup in accordance with EN 1090 (1-3). This means that all steel and aluminium components produced at Weissenborn A/S now comply with the European Union standards, which will replace national standards from 1 July 2014.


CE marking in accordance with EN 1090 (1-3) is a guarantee that the CE-marked steel and aluminium components comply with European Union standards in regard to ‘declaration of performance’. In connection with the CE marking, the components are subject to a number of new and stricter procedures, regular inspections and tests/evaluations, because the requirements for the materials’ performance have been increased.

In the last few years in the subcontractor sector, we have seen that our customers place ever-greater emphasis on components meeting all of the current and future requirements. It's a positive development, which we want to support, and our efforts show that we want to maintain the highest possible standards for our components. 


"CE certification is the culmination of many years of work, and the process of implementing the new European documentation standards – EN 1090 (1-3) and EN ISO 3834 (welding workshop's quality system) – has been a very positive one for us, since we've looked inwards and reviewed every part of the production, one by one. The increased monitoring ensures a high degree of quality, but the many test processes have also shown that it was possible to optimise the production flow. This benefits our customers, who can look forward to shorter production times. CE certification is also an investment in the future, which will produce results on several levels.


"With the last certifications (EN 1090-3 and EN ISO 3834) in place, we're now ready to seize the new opportunities, both in relation to Danish and European customers. In just a few years, we've taken a traditional smiths workshop and turned it into an ultra-modern metal company. We can 100% document the quality of all of the processes, from receipt of the order to production, and further on to delivery. We are therefore geared up for high, controlled growth and expect to grow by 5% a year. We provide documented quality like the market's major operators, and at the same time we maintain the flexibility of a smaller company."


If a company is to fulfil the requirements for CE marking it must undergo the following:

•   Construct and introduce a comprehensive production management system for the factory (known as FPC system) in accordance with

•   EN 1090-1 (Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures - Part 1: Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components).

•   EN 1090-2 (Part 2: Technical requirements for steel structures).

•   EN 1090-3 (Part 3: Technical requirements for aluminium structures).

•   Integrate the relevant requirements from EN ISO 3834 and the Danish Construction Products Regulation in the above-mentioned FPC.

•   Audit the above-mentioned system via an authorised agency.

•   Monitor on an ongoing basis via an authorised agency.

Source: Danish Technological Institute

Weissenborn A/S delivers 97% of our orders on time (2016) and is aiming to raise this figure to 98%.

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