EverSafe System®

Weissenborn have been delivering railings and covers since 2016, and we feel proud to witness our products stand tall on more than 500 offshore wind platforms, ensuring people's safety . We are always motivated to strive for innovation around safety. In the

pursuit of greener solutions and keeping customers' convenience in mind, our latest innovation, EverSafe System® , probably offers the most competitive advantage to our customers.

EverSafe System® , entirely made in aluminium, is a unique design of riveted railings, developed and owned by Weissenborn A/S.

A shift from traditional welding of steel structures to ready-toassemble aluminium structures, the new design is the future for anti-fall and security in offshore wind and beyond.

EverSafe System® aims to contribute to lower the carbon footprint and lower the LCoE in offshore wind industry.

EverSafe system railings’ assembling Video

Features & Advantages

Fast and easy assembly on-site

EverSafe System® is based on modular design. Each section of

EverSafe System® can be easily assembled by blue-collar

employees in as little as 5-7 minutes – saving time means saving

cost of labour.

Low-cost transportation

With traditional railing systems, only 4 sets could be shipped in a

40ft. container – compared to no less than 13 sets of EverSafe

System®, which substantially lowers the transportation cost and

makes logistics more convenient.

Quality adherence

  • High strength in assembly
  • Corrosion free (non-galvanic)
  • Vibration resistant
  • Fabrication risk reduced (welding & NDT)
  • Design approved by Ørsted (calculation made and verified by
  • Ørsted

High flexibility

EverSafe System® railings are compatible with add-on products,

which means the design can be extended beyond Transition Piece

(TP) to other applications like Substation and Floating Wind



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